2010 Resources

NPR and ProPublica produced a series by T. Christian Miller and Daniel Zwerdling on Traumatic Brain Injury.  The piece aired on June 8th as a website article and radio spot.  Read and listen to the entire piece here: Military Still Failing to Diagnose, Treat Bran Injuries.

PBS Frontline reported on the difficulties encountered when the Third Platoon Charlie Company came home.  View their story here: The Wounded Platoon: Third Platoon, Charlie Company.  What Happened to them in Iraq, and What Happened when They Came Home.

John McChesney reported for NPR on the VAs attempts to increase access to health care for veterans suffering from PTSD.  Listen to the full audio or read the transcript at: VA Rules Help Veterans with PTSD get Benefits.

Ron Capps’ personal account of why he did and didn’t get treatment for PTSD related to receiving security clearances.  The full version is available on the Health Affairs website at: Back from the Brink: War, Suicide and PTSD.

Cindy Novak addresses responses to the wounds of war in the July cover story of The Lutheran.  View the article at: Caring for the Military: Across the ELCA, they ‘need our support‘.

Jessica Mador covers new special courts for veterans on MPR.  Listen to the June 23rd radio spot or read the transcript at: Special Court in Hennepin Country Aims to Help Veterans.

Gregg Jaffe discusses the differences, and the controversy, over diagnosing traumatic brain injury vs PTSD for the Washington Post here: Military Reckons with the Mental Wounds of War.

View testimonies from the Truth Commission on Conscience in War on YouTube.